Media Training - The Basics

Media Training – The Basics

With Doug Downs of JGR Communications


How to plan, prepare, pitch, and perfect your delivery for media interviews (including podcast interviews)

In this session, Doug Downs of JGR Communications brings his 30+ years of media experience, from both sides of the interview, will introduce you to a formulaic approach to tailor and communicating your messages to your intended audiences through media interviews.

1.    What reporters want from you when they do a story

2.    How you should be set up internally for responding to media enquiries

3.    The differences between interviews for TV, radio, newspaper, podcasts, and blogs

4.    Ground rules for media interviews – what to expect, what’s “off the record,” and when

5.    Why reporters get stuck on certain story angles or storytelling formulas

6.    How to structure your responses for best results

7.    Tricky tactics reporters will use to make you feel less comfortable and how to deal with them

8.    How to avoid the mid-interview disaster

9.    How podcast interviews are different, and why you should be seeking them out

From this formulaic overview, the key to successful media interviews is weaving your personality into the delivery. That takes time and practice but from this session you will have the high-level strategies.


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