Lobby Services

Alberta Counsel was founded after the historic 2015 Alberta election. We are a multi-partisan firm with deep roots in Alberta, specializing in government relations on a provincial and municipal level. Our staff have a wealth of concrete political experience as well as extensive educational backgrounds focused on political science, communications, public relations, government relations, law, community development and public administration. Our team has been assembled to ensure we have good rapport with city councillors as well as with key decision makers within city administration.

We offer engagement on a sliding scale through both a regular retainer program and on a per-project based system rather than through the contingency model employed by other lobbyists. With this solid contractual footing, we are able to maintain good rapport and offer solutions for your organization. We are problem solvers, advisors and counselors. We can build your capacity and restore or enhance your reputation to take full advantage of current opportunities.

Our services include:

  • Developing and implementing a detailed government relations plan with clear objectives;
  • Developing effective and consistent messaging specifically tailored for elected officials, partner stakeholders, and other key decision-makers;
  • Identifying and building relationships with relevant power brokers including elected representatives and their key support staff, public service, and political influencers;
  • Providing support in meetings and other communications with relevant power brokers;
  • Generating awareness and educating relevant stakeholders about key topics;
  • Monitoring and advising on the pursuit of any relevant funding envelopes and deadlines;
  • Monitoring and advising on any relevant legislative debates, emerging issues, and policy/regulation changes;
  • A subscription to our bi-weekly newsletter, The News from Alberta Counsel, containing stories from legislation and policy, committee debates, the civil service, as well as profiles of political influencers, party updates and events;
  • Providing ongoing political, media, public opinion and sector intelligence and analysis including public service changes and cabinet shuffles; and
  • Political auditing, lobby training, and grassroots campaigning as individual products or part of a retainer package.