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Samuel Teunissen

Samuel Teunissen

Samuel joined Alberta Counsel as an articling student to pursue his enduring passion for public law, civil litigation, and intellectual property. As a believer in life-long learning, Samuel cherishes any opportunity to apply his established knowledge and skill set to new contexts.

Samuel’s varied education speaks to his diligence, curiosity, and versatility. He earned a BA (Hons.) in mathematics and physics at the University of Toronto. Motivated by his deep passion for the law, Samuel continued to excel at the University of Alberta where he obtained his JD with distinction.

Samuel’s academic achievements during his studies merited several prestigious scholarships including the Chomicki Baril Mah Prize in Civil Procedure, the Professor Bill Angus Prize in Criminal Law, and the Crown Attorney’s Association Prize in Criminal Procedure.

Sharp and personable, Samuel has demonstrated a gift for persuasion as a member of the winning team at the 2022 Clinton J Ford Memorial Moot in constitutional law and as the former president of the University of Alberta’s Runnymede Society Chapter.

In his spare time, Samuel cherishes hiking, jogging, and exploring the Alberta outdoors. When it comes to relaxation, Samuel will never turn down an opportunity to read a good book, peruse some poetry, or discuss politics, history, and philosophy.