10 Things you need to know to win the election

Are you running for municipal office? Then you can’t afford to miss our "10 Things You Need to Know to Win the Election" webinar. You have the limited-time opportunity to learn from veteran campaigners with decades of experience on important topics including self-evaluation, understanding the voter, essential campaign roles and responsibilities, volunteer roles and responsibilities, campaign essentials, winning campaign strategy, GOTV, common campaign pitfalls, campaign clean-up, and municipal bylaws. You can learn how to create a proper campaign timeline, how to build and manage your database, successful fundraising strategies, strategic spending, the psychology of voters, the statistics behind campaigns, successful GOTV strategies, and much more. You have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from some of Alberta’s top political operatives. Our specialists have done everything from running grassroots local campaigns to coordinating national elections. Whether it is your first time or your tenth time running for office, there is something to learn. Our expert operatives are prepared to give you the one-on-one specialized consulting you need to win. Someone is going to win the election, make sure it’s you. Spaces are limited so sign up now.


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This webinar will be hosted by Alberta Counsel staff: Shayne Saskiw and Alexandra Carlile.

Shayne Saskiw, Principal

Born and raised in Alberta, Shayne had the privilege of being one of the youngest MLAs elected in Alberta. As an opposition member, the Official Opposition House Leader, and a tax lawyer, he knows that strength in good advocacy and strategy comes from ethical relationships and a clear message. He is an expert in using various networks and strategies to achieve his client’s objectives. Shayne maintains a focused determination on the client’s goals with integrity and creativity.  Shayne is married to a Member of Parliament for Lakeland, Shannon Stubbs.


Alexandra Carlile, Junior Associate

Alexandra is an experienced campaigner and a dedicated political activist. She was accepted into the Conservative Party of Canada internship in 2014, and after standing out as an exemplary operative she was hired as the youngest woman in the Conservative Party war room during the 2015 election. She has since gone back to school and received her Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on marketing. Her unparalleled campaign knowledge has benefited countless campaigns at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels.