Alberta Counsel

Our Lobby Team:

Alberta Counsel Lobby Team was founded after the historic 2015 Alberta election. We are a multi-partisan firm with deep roots in Alberta, specializing in government relations with the provincial government. We serve a wide variety of clients including not-for-profits, unions, businesses and associations. By providing a sound understanding of the inner workings, motivations, and intentions of the provincial government, Alberta Counsel is well positioned to assist your organization in creating valuable networks and identifying strong partnerships and platforms to succeed within a changed political environment. Alberta Counsel can provide the support that your organization needs in the modern political arena.

Based in diversity and tradition, our network of associates, principals and advisors has been carefully engaged to best assist in achieving your organization’s objectives.

Pascal Ryffel

Pascal Ryffel Director of Government Relations

Active with the provincial NDP and proud member for over ten years, Pascal’s political experience includes stints as both provincial and federal organizer, as well as candidate in 2008 for the constituency of Edmonton Meadowlark. Before the most recent provincial election, Pascal worked for four years as the NDP caucus Outreach Coordinator at the Legislature and was a member of the pre-election candidate search committee. Along with a strong academic background, Pascal adds deep and current knowledge of Alberta’s new government to the team.

Patricia Grell

Patricia Grell Senior Associate

As a prominent and vocal past-trustee on the Edmonton Catholic School Board, Patricia has demonstrated an incredible aptitude for advocacy. Prior to serving as an elected trustee, Patricia worked as a caseworker in the Edmonton Centre provincial constituency office. As a member of the NDP for several years, Patricia was also heavily involved in the 2015 provincial election and served on the constituency association for Edmonton-Glenora. In addition to a robust political career, Patricia also has a Masters of Divinity and a Bachelor of Science, demonstrating a well-rounded understanding of issues that will serve our clients well.

Reakash Walters

Reakash Walters Senior Associate

As an effective leader in Alberta’s progressive community, Reakash regularly uses the power of strong media relations and clear messaging to advance the interests of affected stakeholders. Reakash has spent time working in Alberta’s NDP caucus, in Premier Rachel Notley’s constituency office, and with Alberta’s largest union, the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. As an organizer with the federal and provincial NDP and a respected community advocate, Reakash’s valuable knowledge of both Alberta’s government caucus and wider community interests is essential to the team.

Bronte Valk

Bronte Valk Associate

After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Political Science degree, Bronte pursued her passion for politics by working on the campaigns of numerous progressive political candidates. This experience combined with her in-depth knowledge of Alberta’s political affairs, drew her into advocacy work. Bronte has worked as a case worker in the Honourable Sarah Hoffman’s constituency office as well as the MLA for Edmonton-Ellerslie’s. Her connections with government caucus and strong advocacy skills make her a great asset to our team.

Charlene Campo

Charlene Campo Associate

As an experienced policy and intergovernmental relations professional, Charlene is adept at establishing relationships, synthesizing information, and using her networks to create mutually beneficial solutions for her clients and other stakeholders. Charlene possesses a wealth of networks from the federal and provincial public service, as well as community and grassroots organizations in Calgary and Edmonton. Charlene is actively involved in Alberta's progressive community, and her passion lies in community capacity building and providing accessibility to government policies, programs and practices.

Jenelle Saskiw

Jenelle Saskiw Senior Advisor

With 17 years of government experience in both administration and as an elected official, Jenelle has a strong knowledge base and network with the municipal, provincial and federal governments.  Having served 4 terms on Council, 8 years as Mayor, 6 years with the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) and 3 years with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), Jenelle has a deep understanding of municipal issues and is passionate about advocating on behalf of our communities and stakeholders. Jenelle knows the importance of understanding the client’s needs and working together to build solutions based outcomes.

Leo Piquette

Leo Piquette Senior Advisor

Inspired by Grant Notley’s leadership, Leo has been a dedicated NDP member since the early 1980’s. A former NDP MLA, Leo brings to the team historical deep rooted NDP experience along with his principled approach. Leo supported Premier Notley’s leadership bid, and campaigned with his son, Colin, a new NDP MLA. In his professional life, Leo built a Cooperators Insurance agency later passed on as a family legacy, and helped pioneer francophone education and language rights in Alberta. For Leo, the math is simple: Wisdom = Knowledge + Experience, and he brings both to the table.

Jim Dau

Jim Dau Senior Associate

With over seventeen years of experience as a Public/Government Affairs Consultant, Jim has an incredible depth of political expertise. In addition to the support he has offered a wide variety of businesses and associations over the years, Jim also served as the former Progressive Conservative Communications Lead for the Premier’s Office as well as many Cabinet Ministers, and has Managed numerous PC campaigns, including leadership campaigns for a number of former Premiers.

Shayne Saskiw

Shayne Saskiw Principal

Born and raised in Alberta, Shayne had the privilege of being one of the youngest MLAs elected in Alberta. As an opposition member, the Official Opposition House Leader and a tax lawyer, he knows that strength in good advocacy and strategy comes from ethical relationships and a clear message. He is an expert in using various networks and strategies to achieve his client’s objectives. Shayne maintains a focused determination on the client’s goals with integrity and creativity.  

Jonathon Wescott

Jonathon Wescott Principal

After his introduction to politics as a provincial advocate for university students, Jon became a small business owner. After success in business, he relocated from southern Alberta and began a legal career, acting as both a litigator and as a business advisor. His knack for simplifying complex issues with industrious solutions makes Jon an invaluable part of the team. Additionally, Jon is the former Executive Director and General Counsel for an Alberta political party.