Our Legal Team

Connected - close to home and close to the source.

First and foremost - we are Albertans. The executives at Alberta Counsel have built their lives here. We are from your communities, and we work with your associates. We understand the rapidly changing legal landscape, the impact of litigation and legal issues that challenge your businesses and families. Based in diversity and tradition, our network of legal professionals has been engaged carefully to best assist in achieving your legal goals and solve difficult problems. We have alliances with other industries to ensure you are provided the very best legal advice in a diverse range of practice areas — both here at home, and in other jurisdictions.

Jonathon Wescott

Jonathon Wescott Principal

After his introduction to politics as a provincial advocate for university students, Jon became a small business owner. After success in business, he relocated from southern Alberta and began a legal career, acting as both a litigator and as a business advisor. His knack for simplifying complex issues with industrious solutions makes Jon an invaluable part of the team. Additionally, Jon is the former Executive Director and General Counsel for an Alberta political party.


Bev Anderson

Bev Anderson Counsel

After being called to the Bar in 2000, Bev practiced with Anton M.S. Melnyk, Q.C., at Melnyk & Company until she relocated her practice to Alberta Counsel in March 2015. In early years, her practice was focused on family law, then she transitioned into condominium law which remains her major area of practice.  She enjoys the challenge of assisting condominium Boards (and their managers) to ensure their Corporation is being well run, and in accordance with the governing legislation. As well, Beverley has been, and continues to be, active in various Canadian Bar Association sub-sections, both as a participant and as an executive member. She instructs at Metro College twice years, specifically the course, “Condominium Lifestyle: Legal Aspects”, and finds educating the public on the intricacies of living in a condominium a most rewarding undertaking.


ShShayne Saskiwayne Saskiw Counsel

Born and raised in Alberta, Shayne had the privilege of being one of the youngest MLAs elected in Alberta. As an opposition member, the Official Opposition House Leader and a tax lawyer, he knows that strength in good advocacy and strategy comes from ethical relationships and a clear message. He is an expert in using various networks and strategies to achieve his client’s objectives. Shayne maintains a focused determination on the client’s goals with integrity and creativity.


Ed Picard

Ed Picard Associate

Ed knows that clear and effective communication is the key to building successful relationships. He brings to Alberta Counsel a multi-disciplinary skill set from his years as a marketer, business consultant, and professional writer. Born and raised in Edmonton, Ed is an experienced litigator and has served the Alberta Court of Appeal as legal counsel. He actively supports Edmonton’s growing legal community and volunteers on the boards of several non-profit organizations.

Keith Pridgen

Keith Pridgen Law Researcher and Analyst

Before joining Alberta Counsel, Keith spent several years as a political staffer at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, working for the official opposition. Keith received his Juris Doctor (Cum Laude) from the Florida State University College of Law in Tallahassee, Florida in 2017. During law school, Keith received Book Awards for Federal Civil Procedure, Taxation, Tax Procedure, and Tax Crimes. A Graduate Fellow, Keith also received a Business Law Certificate, focusing on US tax law. Keith earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Calgary in 2011. While attending the U of C, Keith successfully challenged the university in Pridgen v. University of Calgary, 2012 ABCA 139, a freedom of speech and administrative law case. He is a Blackstone Fellow and a member of MENSA and the Federalist Society.